July 19, 2018

Public Enemy #1

I say almost every day that there’s so much to do in Chicago, and that’s because even after you’ve been downtown and on the lake, you could stay here for months on end and still not see or do all the cool stuff we have here in the Windy City. Most of our most famous, flashy theaters, like the Chicago, the Palace, the Oriental, and the Auditorium, are located downtown. But you might know about those. If you want to stay a little bit out of the way, you might want to check out a show at the Victory Gardens Theatre, tucked away off a busy corner in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. It’s literally a 10 minute ride on the #8 Halsted bus from our lofts. The thing is, nobody in Chicago actually talk about the “Victory Gardens Theatre,” because most of us just know it as the Biograph, which is what it was called when the notorious bank robber John Dillinger was killed there in 1934 after a famous shootout with Chicago police. Maybe you saw that Johnny Depp movie about it a few years ago? Even if you’re not around to catch a show, you should still take a moment to stop by and look around. It’s right around the corner from the campus of DePaul University, and if you stay with us there’s a ton of great restaurants and bars in the area that you can check out without going more than 20 minutes away from your apartment. Ask about it if you’re booking with us soon!

(cover photo/Wikimedia Commons/Amerique)