July 20, 2018

Food for the Seoul

I think there’s a lot of posts to be made about food in Chicago because it’s one of the things that just brings everyone together. No matter who you are or where you come from, the dinner table is something we all have in common, and some of the crazy fusion ideas you see in restaurants around Chicago are a great representation of the unique cultural blend we have year. Like, if Korean Mexican food sounds just crazy enough to work for you, head over to Clark and Fullerton and try Del Seoul, which might be the best literal hole-in-the-wall joint I’ve ever been to. I can confirm that the tacos are excellent, but if kimchi fried rice or a BBQ bento box sounds up your alley too, I’ve heard good things about pretty much everything on their menu. Del Seoul is a quick Red Line train away from our lofts, but the area around us has a ton of other unique food options just like it, so if you want recommendations, just go ahead and ask!