August 6, 2018

Music Monday: The Summer Yet Lives!

So you missed Lolla: the biggest music festival weekend in the Midwest. Already come and gone. Maybe that’s not the worst thing in the world. I’ve heard the crowd can be a bit high school-y anyway. Good thing Chicago’s got no shortage of music weekends to check out even going into the fall. If you’re making the excellent decision to take a Labor Day weekend trip to Chicago, North Coast Music Festival will be waiting for you on the near West Side, while the timeless Chicago Jazz Festival sits just a couple miles farther east, in modern Millennium Park.

Whether you’re someone who listens towards the top of the charts looking to end the summer on a high note at North Coast, or somebody who’d rather kick it back with a glass of wine while Coltrane’s Giant Steps rings out of the stereo while preparing for Jazz fest, Labor Day weekend is one of the best times to visit and get a Chicago music experience. Catch all of the international headliners (this year, Miguel is making the rounds at North Coast), while the lower end of the bill gives local artists a chance to shine and reach a wider audience. Union Park, where the North Coast magic happens, is one of the cities oldest public parks, a rather novel contrast with the modern arenas like Millennium Park’s less than 20 year old Pritzker Pavilion (seen here; photo/Diego Delso), which hosts the main stage of Jazz fest, nearing its 40th birthday already!

Relative to most summer music festivals, North Coast has a pretty good price point. If the massive hubbub of Lolla isn’t quite up your alley, North Coast might be something for you with a little more local flavor. Meanwhile, the Jazz Festival is entirely free, so if you find yourself looking for something to do in between downtown sightseeing, you could do a whole lot worse than stopping in for a little live jazz, if you ask me. There’s plenty more music to be seen all over the city just about year-round, so if this is your kind of thing but you can’t quite make it for one more end-of-the-summer celebration, just ask us, and I’m sure we can find a million good enough reasons for a visit!